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More than a market.

Oyster bar - Oysters and white wine.

Thai take a way food caravan.

Saturday morning/early afternoon is one of my favorite moments of the week. This is when I visit the Exotic market or as some stil call it the 'Vogelmarkt'. The original market dates from the the 16th century but has changed a lot and was only on Sundays. It also changed location several times.

Cats and dogs are no longer alowed to be sold on markets and birds and chickens are scares.

But it made place for the foodlovers. More and more caravans, trucs or even old campingcars are build in to a restaurant, coffeebar or take-away foodbar with olives, nuts, spices, hummus and tapenades. The Bed and Breakfast Quatre20cinq gets it's fresh oranges, fruits, eggs and bread from the market.

Oyster bar

Express bar

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